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 Fun Things to Do in Rogers

Rogers is one of Arkansas’s fastest-growing neighborhoods that is surrounded by the historical and majestic Ozark mountains. So, this magnificent city has many places you can visit and many things to do. Information can be found here.

They include:

Museum of Native American History

Arkansas has a rich history, and most artifacts and exhibits found in the Museum of Native American History date back over 10k years. See here for information about Unique Things to Do in Rogers.

The museum is divided into 5 eras, and every part highlights the native Americans, their lifestyle, and the advancement they’ve made in the region of gathering and hunting, production of weapons and earthenware, and agriculture. It’s a perfect site for field trips and groups. 

Rogers Aquatics Center

Rogers Aquatics Center sits on acres devoted to all types of water-related recreation. This makes it the go-to place for sun and fun. The center comprises several pools, a volleyball net, basketball courts, and a whirlpool-style pool. The best place for kids is the 40-foot tall slide and covered flume.