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Osage Mills, Arkansas, is a Family-Oriented Community

Osage Mills is an unorganized community in Benton County, Arkansas. Learn information about Rogers, AR.

There are many reasons why people choose to live in this quiet city. 

Safe Community

Osage Mills is a city that focuses on the safety and comfort of its citizens. The crime rate in Osage Mills is very low, and people feel comfortable walking around at night. The city also has multiple amenities such as bars, restaurants, and other places to go out, and all of them are very safe. Further, public spaces such as parks are safe in the area, with no major crimes being reported in the past couple of years. Discover facts about Rogers, Arkansas, is an Excellent Residential Area.

This is what makes the city a great place to raise a family. 


It is very easy to find employment in Osage Mills. The salaries offered to employees are also higher than those of surrounding cities. Considering the cost of living is significantly low in the city, the salary you earn can be enough to buy groceries, pay for transport, and eventually buy an affordable home. Therefore, if you are a qualified professional, you can be guaranteed to find an open position in the many companies in Osage Mills.